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Why a VW?

If you have found your way to this post looking for a reason as to why you should purchase a converted VW Camper, then to be honest, you probably already know you want one without even reading any further...

At least that’s how we felt.

A style icon whether it’s a classic split screen or a modern day T6. The VW Camper comes with a vast amount of colour options, from two-tone designs, metallic finishes, or every panel a different colour. With so much choice, there is bound to be something that suits your style.

Modern eco-efficient diesel engines and in either a short or long wheelbase, there is a model to suit all needs and budgets.

Need I say anymore?

Like most people we searched the internet, watched countless YouTube videos, read endless articles, wrote pros vs cons, and visited lots of conversion specialists.

We always came back to the VW.

Firstly, whenever anyone mentions a campervan, it’s a VW people picture. Sure, you can get the same interior in a Ford, Vauxhall or Renault, (and arguably cheaper than a VW), but for us, it had to be a VW.

The sense of a community you have is utterly amazing. Not only with fellow Camper King owners, but with the wider VW family. You only have to sit behind the wheel to feel a sense of pride of what your driving, and that’s before the obligatory VW wave when you pass another camper.

Yes, we all do it!

Then there’s the festivals, camper shows, VW events, fellow campers your pitched up next too, Instagramers, YouTubers… the list goes on.

"Something that you can drive daily, park easily and that can replace our car."

Practicality played a huge part in our decision.

A conventional coach built motorhome was ruled out nearly instantly due to us needing two vehicles and us not wanting to run a third. And that we had nowhere to store such a large motorhome, which would have required us to source and fund additional storage. Armed with the knowledge that a campervan was the route we wanted our key criteria was something that you can drive daily, park easily and that can replace our car.

Based on this, Reggie ticked all the boxes.

  1. Being around 2.1m high we can fit into most multi-storey car parks.

  2. A short wheelbase, meaning when we park there is no overhang in parking spaces (or our drive!).

  3. It's also perfect on motorways, country lanes, city driving, plus it fits perfectly on the drive with our other car.

  4. Five seats also ensure we are ‘future proofing’ ourselves, on the off chance we decide to start a little family (no plans just yet though!)

What we will always recommend for anyone in the process of purchasing one, is to experience a SWB vs LWB in person. For us, a SWB is perfect for all of the above reasons. For a family of 4 however, it might not be enough space.

Everyone is different, so please try them for yourself and don’t go off what most people have or recommend.

Another key factor was the actual build quality of Volkswagen vehicles, the numerous dealers worldwide, spare parts readily available and an accessories list longer then you can ever imagine!

Providing the base vehicle has been well maintained, serviced regularly, and is rust free, it should last for years and many miles to come. If in doubt, ask an independent mechanic to cast his eye over it. There are also some excellent videos on YouTube of things to look and listen out for.

With so much choice out there it can be easy to become blinded and overwhelmed with which one is better then the rest. Auto Trader & eBay are full of base vehicles and converted campers for sale and you will no doubt find an absolute bargain, or the vehicle of your dreams on there.

Our recommendation, go and view as many as you possibly can. Test drive them all, and make your decision from there. After all, for most people, purchasing a campervan will be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make, so make sure it's right for you!


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